Are summertime electric bills getting you down?

The Oklahoma heat has turned up, and most households are beginning to see an increase on our home electric bills!  In the summertime, almost 50% of a home’s energy use is from an air conditioning unit.  Looking for ways to cut cost, without burning up is important for a families comfort and wallet.  Here are some simple, low or no cost options to consider.

Close vents in rooms you are not frequently using.  Use ceiling or electric fans to assist your air conditioning unit in keeping the house cool. Make sure you have clean air filters in your unit throughout the summer months. Keep debris away from your outside unit.  Try to provide shade for the unit either by trees or canopy. Adjust the thermostat during times you are away from home.  Even If the home will be unattended for seven hours to eight hours, turn the thermostat up by as much at 5 degrees. Double check your weather stripping around window and doors.  Try to limit traffic flow from people or pets going in and out during hot parts of the day. Although natural light is wonderful.  Closing blinds and drapes is a simple way to reduce the heat in your home. 

If all else fails, turn the thermostat up, put on very light fitting cotton clothes and drink a lot of ice water or eat popsicles!  But, more than likely using these tips will help keep you cool while still watching your wallet this summer.