This is a bigger picture that was in my last blog. After I looked at it, I realized it wasn’t big enough to read, so the blog was basically worthless. “Shut up!” I hear those of you out there that are saying, “So what’s new?” I know there are those of you that know how to enlarge pictures, but I’m not one of them. I assume everyone my age is in the same boat as I am. Do you think my wife gets tired of me asking, for the umpteenth time, if she can show me how to do something on the computer?

Speaking of practical jokes, I was thinking about one that J.T. Tucker, a former youth minister, and I pulled many years ago before the internet, etc. I can’t recall whose idea it was, but I guess I got the short straw on being the prankster, while he just got to innocently operate the camera. We got the okay from a manager before we did it so no one would be arrested. The two of us entered the grocery store.  J. T.  stayed back some distance and discreetly recorded me while I proceeded to wander about the store and get the ingredients to make a sandwich. First, to the bread aisle where I calmly opened a loaf of bread, grabbed a couple of slices then neatly put the twisty back on the wrapper. Then off to the lunch meat where I spied a package of chopped ham, opened it and took a few slices and slapped it on the bread.  “Wait!” I thought,  “A little lettuce and cheese would top it off just right!” I really tried not to make eye contact, but I could feel the piercing eyes through the back of my head. I then headed to the check out counter with my sandwich neatly in hand. When I got to the cashier, she asked me if I got the sandwich from the deli to which I proudly replied, “No, I made it!” She looked confused and asked me once again, “You didn’t get it from the deli?” I replied again, “No. I made it. I got a couple of slices of bread, lettuce, some meat and cheese. I guess it should be about $1.29.  The price is in your favor, but that’s okay.” The poor checker just stood there looking at me, paused and then began to ring it up – just like that!   At this point, J. T. is laughing so hard, the camera is shaking, which we could see later during the video playback. My totally serious demeanor could not be kept up any longer. I started laughing and told her what we were doing. The manager was watching from some distance and just shook his head. We then paid for all the opened merchandise and left.

Some people say that I have finally settled down in my old age. My wife just smiles.