A Chill night in Ardmore

It's hot today, really hot. Ardmore can burn us up and with the lack of rain, many locals are looking for new ways to relax, get cool, and just enjoy the vibe. Ardmore is beginning to really grow and develop in its diversity. Downtown is growing. The outskirts are building up. When you use your UrbanSpoon app, you search brings up more than fast food chains. Foodie is becoming a word, slow foods movement, a concept. The music scene is developing, creating a rythem of rock n'roll, some blues, country, and Texas Hill country twang, we even have rap, there are a few local labels. I look forward to the day we have a Crunking dance off paired with a Russell Simmons kind of word speak rap contest, think "8 Mile" in Central Park.

But in the meantime, the ebb and flow of efforts should be applauded, there are alot of folks working really hard to bring new concepts, ideas, and experiences to us.

The pic above is just a pic I like, it captures a local simply having a good night...so to all of you, call a friend, head out and meet some new ones, make sure to keep a cab company's number handy in case you need it, and go have a good night out, in our hometown.

Wouldn't it be kind of cool if we had pedicabs?

Now that could be a real fun ride...in our hometown.