UPDATE: Officials on Saturday, July 27, report Eliseah Padilla, a missing teen from Meeker, is now home safe.

For the last eight days, Nancy Hicks of Meeker has been on an agonizing emotional roller coaster awaiting word on her missing daughter, who hasn't been seen since July 17.

Eliseah Christine Padilla, who just turned 17, was last seen leaving her home and then possibly getting into a white 4-door pickup with an unknown driver in her neighborhood. At the time, she was wearing a gray Oklahoma hoodie.

"I miss her – I'm sick with worry," Hicks said Wednesday, adding she wants her daughter home safe. "I pray to God she is nearby — every day is harder and harder."

Hicks, who said it isn't in her daughter's character to run away from home, said the day Eliseah disappeared was like any other day. The entire family, including Eliseah's two younger siblings, was cleaning house, which included cleaning out closets. Hicks said Eliseah had a bag of clothes that she said were too small, so she planned to give them to a friend.

"I didn't think anything about it," Hicks said about that bag of clothes by the front door. But minutes later, Eliseah was gone.

"We believe she had it planned at that point," Hicks said.

At first, though, she thought her daughter just went somewhere without permission, so Hicks drove all over Meeker but couldn't find Eliseah walking. Based on what others saw that day, it is believed the teen got into the white pickup and left the area. But she didn't take her cell phone, which her mother said is strange.

"My daughter has that phone velcroed to her hand most of the time," she said.

About 22 hours after she was last seen, Hicks filed a formal report with Meeker police, with officers there entering the teen's information into the National Crime Information Center database.

While police are working this case, Hicks said she also found Tom Bottoms, a former Maud police chief, who has volunteered his services to the family through JTB Tactical Response. Part of the efforts to bring Eliseah home safely have included fliers and promoting the case all over Facebook.

"In today's world it is so important that we locate children that have ran away or are missing as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming pray for traffickers or any other criminal element," Bottoms said.

There was a possibility that Eliseah could be in the Galveston area, Hicks said, where she was born and has family, but a reported lead there didn't develop.

"Nobody has heard from her since she walked out my door," Hicks said, adding she is terrified. "She has no idea what the world is like."

Wednesday, Hicks said they learned Eliseah's case would be added to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children program, which may help in the search.

"We're going off the good hearts of citizens," she added, hoping people will any report sightings.

Hicks said there's been no activity on Eliseah's Facebook or other social media accounts.

Eliseah is 5 feet, four inches tall and weighs 175 pounds.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts can call Meeker police, 405-279-3931, or Bottoms at 405-584-2656.