CCDC is the first facility in the state to offer the program.

The Cleveland County Detention Center has introduced IN2WORK, a program that not only gives inmates job skills but a food handler’s permit once they graduate and are released from jail.

CCDC is the first facility in the state to offer the program. IN2WORK takes 90 days to complete.

Upon completing the program and being released from jail, graduates are given a Food Handler’s permit to obtain work. Three inmates graduated July 19.

Richard Analla, food services director at the Cleveland County Detention Center, said IN2WORK was designed to provide inmates with food service, retail, ServSafe and practical work experience. Using the skills and knowledge gained through the program, our students capitalized the opportunity and acquired the ability to become more employable upon release.

“The success of the program and for each workmate was achieved only through the ongoing partnership between ARAMARK Correctional Services and Cleveland County Justice Center staff “ Analla said. “Through daily coordination and cooperation between the command staff, program/case manager and detention staff, our students were able to complete a six to nine month culinary course in only 90 days, a truly, remarkable feature.”

Detention Chief Carrie Davis said participation in this program will teach marketable skills to help to reduce recidivism.

“This means making sure they are given the rehabilitation, training, and education that will allow them to make better choices when they leave,” Davis said. “We expect more from our inmates, so they will have a better outcome when they leave our facility. It is a privilege to be the first county in the state to partner with Aramark to initiate this wonderful program. I am honored to have worked with the outstanding individuals who helped get this started.”

Sheriff Joe Lester said IN2WORK gives inmates confidence and job skills needed to turn their lives around and become productive citizens.

“Each person who enrolls and graduates from this program takes the first steps to leaving the criminal world behind and turning their lives around for the better,” Lester said. “IN2WORK can lead to great opportunities for offenders and help them reach success.”

State Sen. Anthony Sykes, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, attended the graduation ceremony.

“I was very impressed with the graduates’ accomplishments and wish them well in their future,” Sykes said. “I commend Sheriff Lester for allowing this program that will give offenders an avenue to rehabilitation.”

Any questions regarding this press release and/or information can be addressed to Meghan McCormick, Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office, community liaison/public information officer. McCormick can be reached at (405) 701-8847.