Nighttime closures still planned, however.

All 6 lanes of the Kilpatrick Turnpike opened to traffic Sunday morning. Nighttime closures will continue through the remaining month of August and September. During nighttime work, speed limits will be reduced from 70 mph to 55 mph. During daytime hours, speed limits will be 70 mph unless otherwise posted.

Crews continue to work on portions of the turnpike between Penn and May Avenues, adding an auxiliary lane in each direction. In addition, crews have begun work on an auxiliary lane from Broadway Ext. to the Santa Fe mainline toll plaza. These auxiliary lanes should help traffic entering and exiting those two areas. All work should be completed by the end of September.

The expansion of the Kilpatrick Turnpike was part of a nearly $58 million dollar project to add lanes in each direction from MacArthur to Eastern Avenue. Other improvements included added lighting of the expanded corridor, various ramp improvements and new signage.