Welcome Football Season!!

Labor Day has come and gone!  Now it is the season for footballing and tailgate parties.  Whether it is for a Friday night high school game or a Saturday College event there are some must haves for a great tail gate experience.

Since this is essentially a “party in a parking lot” you need to know the guidelines for where your tailgating will take place.  Some may have restrictions on grills, adult beverages and the amount of space you can reasonably take up.  For many college football games it is an all-day, and sometimes into the night party with tables, tents, TVs, food and drinks.  For High School games it could be snacks and sodas before heading into the game. 

Whatever your occasion may be, there are two must haves.  Folding chairs for your guests and ice chests for your food and drinks.  Other very helpful items are napkins, hand sanitizer and wipes, and paper towels.  The most successful and low stress parties serve food and drinks that don’t require a lot of utensils or paper goods.  Although food is the BEST, and most important part of a good tail gate it should be simple and easy to eat. 

Of course any great party needs decorations.  Tailgates are no different, however the easiest decorations are those that include your team colors on the items you need for the party.  Since this blog comes from your OSU Extension Service, I will use orange and black to prove this point!  Orange ice chests, orange and black chairs, OSU flags on your car, and don’t forget to use yourself as decoration too.  Wearing your school colors, and for those “die hards” face paint is a must. 

What makes tailgating so much fun is the energy and excitement you provide topped off with some super food.  So with a little bit of planning you can have a great time this fall while supporting your team.  And, GO POKES!