Shawnee city sales tax climbs in September.

For the second consecutive month, Shawnee’s city sales tax receipts are up compared to September a year ago.

Cindy Sementelli, city treasurer and finance director for Shawnee, reported the September sales tax receipts are up $63,426 this month or 4.706 percent compared to last year’s actual for the same time frame.

She said, “September sales tax amount received plus interest was $1,412,708 which

accumulatively for the fiscal year we are up $152,828 or 3.72 percent.”

Pottawatomie County’s one-cent sales tax also is up from over a year ago. County Treasurer Wendy Magnus reported the sales tax check for September totaled $625,407.49.

That compares to $615,068.41 from September in 2012, more than a $10,000 increase.

Shawnee Mayor Wes Mainord said Wednesday, “I’m thrilled that it’s up. I hope it’s a trend which is going to continue. It appears people are staying in Shawnee and supporting our community.”

The mayor added he was in one business this week, where he heard, “our business is just exploding.”

City Manager Brian McDougal said, “We talked and the combined purchases that are lingering from the storm, and the return of the school year, usually boost our sales tax figures for this time of year. Of course, when they are up, we are happy to have this situation, but until it is a trend for a few more months, we are cautious about spending especially since we are only three months into the budget year.”

Mainord added he hopes the trend of August and September will continue.

“It will make Shawnee a better place. You never know, of course, what the future months will bring.”

He noted “if we get increases through here, that means our businesses are doing better. Maybe the attitudes of people are changing.”

The city started off the new fiscal year, which began July 1, on the downside when July receipts were $1,385,055, which were $37,309 less than the previous July.

With the increase in August receipts, the total for the first two months stood at $2,851,304 compared with the budgeted amount of $2,761,902. That was $89,402 ahead of budget.

And the city’s total now is more than $152,000 over what was budgeted which is flat against last year’s actual amounts.