Pair arrested and charged with kidnapping, first degree burglary.

Cleveland County sheriff’s deputies arrested two people Monday night on a kidnapping for extortion complaint after the pair took a 7-month girl from a Noble residence.

Randy Dewayne Camp, 30, and Christina Ann Wilcox, 28, were charged Wednesday in Cleveland County District Court with kidnapping for the purpose of extortion and first-degree burglary.

Events leading to the charges unfolded about 10 p.m. Monday in the 7000 block of 144th Street in Noble. A 35-year-old man was home with the infant when Camp and Wilcox arrived at the residence. The resident heard someone trying to open the door and before he could reach the front door, Wilcox reportedly kicked open the front door.

Camp and Wilcox reportedly searched the home for the girl’s parents but did not find them. The couple proceeded to pack the child’s belongings, took the child and put her in their vehicle and left the home.

According to the friend, Wilcox said, “If they want the baby back, I’m at my house and bring $400 and they can get the baby back.” 

The parents previously resided at Camp and Wilcox’s home.

As deputies responded to the scene, they spotted the vehicle matching a description of the car used in the kidnapping and initiated a traffic stop.

Deputies found Camp and Wilcox with the infant and their two children. The baby who was unharmed was reunited with her parents. The two other children were turned over to a family member.

Camp and Wilcox were arrested and booked into the Cleveland County Detention Center.