City commission to discuss city manager, city attorney and litigation filed against the city.

 Shawnee city commissioners are expected to hold three executive sessions when they gather this evening for the mid- month meeting. Two deal with personnel matters.

The third concerns litigation, a lawsuit filed against the city by a road contractor.

One is to evaluate the performance and discuss the employment contract of City Manager Brian McDougal. The other is to discuss the performance and employment contract of City Attorney Mary Ann Karns.

And the third one is to discuss litigation filed in Pottawatomie County District Court by Nash Construction Co.

The lawsuit is over a dispute between Nash and the city concerning road work on 45th Street performed by the construction firm last year.

An item not on the agenda is anything dealing with the proposed Municipal Swimming Pool. Earlier it had been indicated that possibly the city commission would be asked to authorize solicitation of bids for the project.

However, James Bryce, the city’s Operations director, said this weekend it will be about six weeks before the commission is asked to authorize advertising for bids. “We have to move on this and get this bid out,” Bryce explained

The commission has allocated $3 million for he project. A private fund raising committee is trying to secure an additional $1.2 million.

A source helping with those efforts said the fund raising effort is within a little over $200,000 of reaching its goal.

Bryce said “we’re trying our best to open it next summer, even if it’s for only two weeks.”

He added “we made the decision to go ahead with the plan on the original design.”

According to the weekly staff activity report released on Friday, architects are working on engineered drawings and bid documents. Renderings of the pool

project have been placed at the Shawnee Mall and City Hall for the public to see.

City funding for the project was approved at the Commission on Aug. 5

The commission meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. in the council chambers of city hall.