Carmen Bourlon writes about her love-hate relationship with technology.

I have written in the past about my love-hate relationship with technology. I love it when it works, and I hate it when it doesn’t.

You probably don’t know this, but I have always wanted an iPod Classic. I wanted one when I was 16 and never got one, so I’ve kind of carried the idea that I, perhaps, need one. My husband thinks this is silly since I have a “smart” phone.

I’m not convinced of my phone’s intelligence, though sometimes I do suspect it is sentient. It seems to like to call people while in my purse.

But I think I found something I like about my phone, something that may even rid me of my “need” for an iPod. I have rediscovered Spotify.

I love it because I may never need to purchase another CD.

My CDs take up an obscene amount of space, and drive my husband crazy. “Why don’t you just download your music? It takes up less space.”

To me, when I’m spending money on something, I really like to be able to touch it. I live in fear of losing my stuff because it isn’t actually physically there. People like to think the Cloud can’t break, but it sure can lose things. Haven’t you ever heard of precipitation?

But Spotify is different. If I pay for this monthly service (less than I’ve been known to spend on a single CD, and I have a lot of those) I can have all of my favorite music on my cell phone. It’s much lighter than carrying all of my music and it’s all in one place.

Both of those are the reasons I have always wanted an iPod, but this is even better! I have access to all sorts of different music – whatever I want to listen too, and plenty I don’t want to listen to.

Though considering my past relationships with technology (and my issues with proper budgeting) this lovely relationship will probably end, and not at online checkout.

Carmen Bourlon is a reporter for the Shawnee News-Star, and is not as technically challenged as she may have you believe