City of Shawnee calling for beautification nominations.

The City of Shawnee Beautification is calling for nominations from the public for the best looking yards and businesses for 2013. Awards already have been made in honor of four yards earlier this year at the Aug. 5 city commission meeting.

To enter, email photos to James Bryce at to nominate in the following categories:

1. Individual residential yard (must be done by owner, not landscape contractor).

2. Adopt a street area done by an individual.

3. A community organization including civic groups, membership organizations or churches.

4. Civic Youth group (Boy or Girl Scout Troop, FFA, 4-H, Church group (Under 16 years old).

5. Any new business started after Jan. 1, 2013.

6. Business category:

a) Downtown business

b) Kickapoo Business

c) Harrison Business

d) Other business location

The beautification committee will make its recommendations to Mayor Wes Mainord at the December City Commission meeting. Gardens/yards will not be eligible for judging unless a photograph is submitted. Enter in one or more categories.

Four fgift certificates will be awarded to the winners from Lowe’s, Don’s plants, White Ace Building Center and Shawnee Garden Center.

For more information contact James Bryce, in the Park Department at 405-878-1529.