Fifth graders encouraged to participate in Arbor Week Poster contest.

Oklahoma Forestry Services is encouraging fifth-grade classes across the state to participate in the 2014 Oklahoma Arbor Week Poster Contest giving students the opportunity to utilize their creativity while learning about the importance of trees. Working with the theme “Trees are Terrific….in all shapes and sizes,” students have until Nov. 29 to submit posters for consideration. Oklahoma’s Arbor Week is the last week of March.

“The Arbor Week Poster Contest is a fun way to get kids interested in tree diversity,” said State Forester George Geissler.

“We also provide educators with excellent teaching materials about trees, and their value in our environment, to use in conjunction with the poster contest.”

The winner of the competition will receive a number of prizes including a savings bond and recognition at the Arbor Week Kickoff Luncheon in March at the Governor’s Mansion.

The winning poster will be professionally printed for distribution to schools and Arbor Week celebrations throughout the state.

The winner’s school will receive a tree to plant on school grounds and the winner’s teacher will receive a gift card and other prizes.

Oklahoma Forestry Services, a division of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, is teaming up with the Oklahoma Urban and Community Forestry Council and the USDA Forest Service to sponsor the contest and increase awareness about trees.

For more information about the contest and educator materials, visit or contact Jeri Irby, Education Coordinator, Oklahoma Forestry Services at or 405-522- 6160.