Oklahoma County judge selected for Youth Protection Champion award.

District Judge Bernard Jones of Oklahoma County Court was named Youth Protection Champion for the Last Frontier Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The number one priority of Scouting is the protection of their youth from potential harm.

“We all have an interest in protecting our youth and I’m willing and able to do it,” Jones said, “It’s important to give scouting parents peace of mind.”

Assuring the public that their children in Scouting are safe is number one for Jones. He recognizes he has to continue the great work started by federal Judge Stephen Friot. Friot was recently nominated for president of the council’s executive board, Jones said.

The youth protection program requires a class provided by the B.S.A. The class is designed to protect Scouts but also educate parents and volunteers on how to identify the warning signs of a youth in a harmful situation. The certification must be renewed every two years, said Director of Field Service Chris Daughtrey.

“The class will teach incoming volunteers to identify problems and to help any kid in trouble, not just Scouts,” Daughtrey said, “I encourage everyone to take the class, but especially Scouting parents.”

The B.S.A. uses a system to evaluate all new adult volunteers and leaders entering into Scouting and flags potential candidates who have questionable backgrounds. Jones will be an integral part of the screening process. He possesses all the skills required to serve the council and protect our youth, Daughtrey said.

Jones is from Northeast Oklahoma City and has served the community in many capacities since returning to Oklahoma. He earned his law degree from Notre Dame and undergraduate degree from Southern Methodist University, where he served as president of the student body.