Fifth District Congressman issues statement following House vote to set up conference committee with Senate.

House Republican Policy Committee Chairman James Lankford (R-OK) issued the following statement after the House voted to request that the Senate appoint conferees to a conference committee on the federal funding bill:

“Earlier this evening, the Senate rejected the House continuing resolution amendment, which would have funded the federal government through Dec. 15, delayed the new taxes and penalties imposed on Americans who don’t purchase health insurance, and prevent Members of Congress, congressional staff, the President, Vice President, Cabinet members and political appointees from receiving a special exemption from ObamaCare, measures that are widely supported by Americans of all stripes but not by Senate Democrats.

“It is clear that the House and Senate are at an impasse on how to fund the federal government. We’ve sent three different proposals to the Senate, but they refused to seriously consider any of them. As Thomas Jefferson once said, a House and Senate conference may be sought ‘in all cases of differences of opinion between two Houses on matters pending between them.’ Therefore, early this morning the House approved a motion to go to a formal conference committee between the House and the Senate to iron out our differences in the bill. I hope Majority Leader Reid will act with urgency on our request to go to conference.

“It is now officially past midnight and the appropriations for the federal government have expired. I am committed to restoring funding to the federal government as soon as possible and ensure all Americans are treated fairly under the law. In addition, I am pleased that the President has signaled that he will sign into law a provision that the House passed unanimously on Saturday and the Senate passed today to provide uninterrupted funding for our troops and defense personnel in the event of a federal shutdown. I will continue to work with Members of the House to do everything we can to keep the government running and protect as many Americans as possible from the harmful effects of Obamacare while ensuring fairness for all Americans,” concluded Lankford.