After meeting in executive session for an hour and 35 minutes Tuesday night, the Dickson Public Schools Board of Education unanimously voted to accept the proposed severance package and the tendered resignation of Superintendent Sherry Howe.

"I don't think the school is going to be better served if I speak," said President Kent Donica. "We accepted Ms. Howe's resignation, and we wish her the best."

He declined to comment on the severance package because it "is a personnel issue."

Donica added that he will be calling for a special meeting Friday morning to name an interim superintendent.

The agenda was similar to one released on Sept. 17 that called for a special meeting to discuss a severance package and Howe's resignation. That meeting was later canceled.

Howe's resignation was accepted in the midst of a criminal investigation involving Howe's daughter and former teacher, Stephenie Ringwald, and allegations of providing alcohol to students and sexual relations with students.

More than 100 people attended the special meeting in the school auditorium. Some held up signs calling for Howe's resignation.

Howe did not return to the auditorium following the executive session.

"She has done a great deal for the school in her 18-year tenure, and she is proud of her accomplishments and what she has done for the children," said Richard O'Carroll, Howe's attorney.