Road work portion of Kickapoo Street project about five percent done.

The Details:

• A vehicle drove on wet concrete that had just been placed on the Kickapoo project.

• This was at Kickapoo and Kickapoo Spur.

• Construction workers with Haskell Lemon removed the affected concrete before it hardened, City Engineer John Krywicki reported.

• Workers will sawcut full depth of the paving along the edges to provide a clean, straight, neat joint before they place new concrete paving in the same area.

• Apparently, a driver had been stopped at the traffic signal at the Spur and Pottenger.

• The driver reportedly wanted to turn left to go to Kickapoo.

• When the light turned green the driver failed to crossover the Spur and turn into the eastbound lanes.

• Instead the driver turned left immediately into the westbound lanes going the wrong way to Kickapoo, then tried to turn right at Kickapoo and crossed into the newly placed concrete paving.

• Krywicki estimates waterline relocation and upgrade improvements are approximately 80 percent done.

• He said construction and paving operations are approximately 5 percent complete.

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