Preliminary hearing for brothers charged in McLoud homicide now set Nov. 15.

A courthouse evacuation prompted a preliminary hearing scheduled for two McLoud brothers charged in a 2012 murder case to be postponed until Nov. 15.

The brothers are charged in the death of Adam Pacheco, 27. His body was found Dec. 29, 2012, about halfway down the north side of the Shawnee Twin Lakes dam on Belcher Road at Lake No. 1. His cause of death was ruled as multiple gunshot wounds.

Andrew Wallace Fish, 25, is charged in Pottawatomie County District Court with murder the first degree, deliberate intent. He is accused of “deliberately, intentionally, with malice aforethought,” causing the death of Pacheco by shooting him in the head with a firearm.

His brother, Reuben Dale Fish, 33, is charged with accessory after the fact and is accused of having knowledge that his brother committed the crime of murder, charges show. Prosecutors also allege Reuben Fish aided his brother in moving Pacheco’s body from their residence in McLoud so that Andrew Fish could avoid or escape arrest in the crime, charges show.

A preliminary hearing, where a judge determines if there is enough evidence for a case to proceed, was scheduled for the brothers Wednesday afternoon but had to be postponed.

A telephone bomb threat to the court clerk's office caused a nearly three-hour evacuation of the courthouse Wednesday before the all-clear was given and people could go back inside. Several cases were delayed in the felony docket proceedings and the Fish brothers preliminary hearing was among the other court-related hearings to be re-scheduled.

Sheriff's deputies are still investigating the telephone threat.

Both brothers remain jailed in the Pottawatomie County Public Safety Center.

If convicted of first-degree murder, Andrew Fish could face the death penalty, imprisonment for life or life without parole.

Reuben Fish, if convicted on the accessory charge, could face imprisonment not less than five to 45 years.

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