A suspect arrested in a stolen vehicle with drugs was booked into jail under a wrong name after giving police and jail staff his older brother’s name and personal information instead of his own.

A suspect arrested in a stolen vehicle with drugs was booked into jail under a wrong name after giving police and jail staff his older brother’s name and personal information instead of his own.

Now that suspect could face additional charges of obstruction or falsely personating another, police said.

The case involves a stolen vehicle recovered in an investigation that began with police tracking the stolen car with a device installed as part of an insurance company’s safe driver program.

The traffic stop Monday led to recovery of the stolen vehicle and two occupants were arrested after police found drugs, including methamphetamine, inside that car.

The driver of the vehicle is now identified as Cody Chawna Pahdocony, 31. He remained jailed in the Pottawatomie County Public Safety Center Wednesday on numerous complaints and warrants.

Initially, police and jail reports in the case indicated the suspect arrested in the case was Montana Pahdocony, 34, but those reports were incorrect.

Shawnee police confirmed Wednesday they were updating police reports to show Cody Pahdocony as the arrestee after learning that Cody Pahdocony gave police his brother’s name and information upon arrest rather than his own.

The brother, Montana Pahdocony, who was not arrested in this matter and is not involved, told the News-Star Wednesday that he was surprised about what happened.

“It’s crazy how easy it is for somebody to use your name,” Montana Pahdocony said, adding the situation caused him problems that he had to get straightened out on Wednesday.

Shawnee police updated the incident report Wednesday to show Cody Pahdocony as the person jailed in the case.

Jail Director Sid Stell, who said it’s not uncommon for prisoners to give false names, said the false identity was discovered after Cody Pahdocony allegedly gave a bail bondsman his real name when he called about getting bond. When the bondsman called back to inquire, there was no inmate in the jail by the name of Cody Pahdocony, although they reported having his brother there. That prompted further inquiry of records and photos, which revealed the person they had in custody wasn’t Montana Pahdocony, Stell said.

In addition to the stolen vehicle and drug complaints for which Cody Pahdocony is jailed, he also is being held on outstanding Pottawatomie County warrants for failing to appear in court for a drug case as well as Oklahoma County warrants for possession of a stole vehicle and stolen property as well as obstructing an officer.

Cody Pahdocony was arrested Monday following a traffic stop as part of an investigation.

A Shawnee woman had reported her 2003 Subaru Lancer was stolen over the weekend and then went to the police department Monday to report she had a safe driver tracking device in her car.

Police contacted her insurance company, which located the vehicle on GPS in the 1100 block of North Philadelphia.

Shawnee Patrol Officer Beau Bohuslavicky responded to that area and found the vehicle in a driveway of a residence, where he noticed two men in the front yard who quickly turned away and began walking.

Officer Cody Gibson, in an unmarked vehicle, also responded and began surveillance of the area. After about 45 minutes, he noticed a man open the driver’s side door and enter the vehicle before leaving southbound in it on Philadelphia Street. Officer Gibson followed the vehicle until two marked police units arrived and conducted a traffic stop at Louisa and Burns streets.

“Both occupants of the vehicle were ordered out at gunpoint,” the report shows.

Both were read Miranda Rights and agreed to talk to officers at the scene, the report shows.

Police found a container in the driver’s pants pocket with five oblong pills wrapped in plastic, for which told officer the pills were Xanax and that he had a prescription, but he couldn’t give a doctor’s name, the report shows.

The report shows Cody Pahdocony, who allegedly told officers he didn’t know the car was stolen, changed his story concerning two different people from which he borrowed the car.

While questioning the passenger, officers learned Pahdocony was throwing items in the back seat of the vehicle at the time of the traffic stop.

Police found a glass smoking pipe in the back seat, along with a zipper case with 10 baggies inside that all contained a white crystal substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine, according to the report, although Pahdocony advised police the items were not his.

Formal charges have not been filed but case reports will be turned over to the district attorney’s office for consideration.

In this matter, Cody Pahdocony could face charges of possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, possession of controlled dangerous substance and driving under suspension.

The passenger, Shannon Lynn Wood, 43, was arrested and jailed on complaints of possession of CDS and drug paraphernalia, but has since posted bond.

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