City not affiliated with those soliciting water line insurance.

Several city of Shawnee water customers have questioned utility officials after receiving notices involving water line insurance for the water pipes at their homes.

Steve Nelms, city of Shawnee utilities director, said he believes many are getting the paperwork in the mail, so they’ve showed up at the utility department asking questions.

Nelms said homeowners who have talked to solicitors have said the company is allegedly indicating they’ve been “commissioned” by the city of Shawnee to ask area residents if they want to insure private water lines.

But Nelms said that’s not the case and that the city is not affiliated with this company.

“We want people to know if they are contacted by a company, we are not involved with them at all,” Nelms said.

Because people can insure anything they own, Nelms isn’t sure if the service being offered is a scam or not.

The city does take care of the city-owned water mains and service lines to the meter and then three feet, he said, but the rest of the water line, should there be a problem, is the homeowner’s responsibility, Nelms said.

If a repair were needed in that area of responsibility, homeowners would have to call a plumber, he added.

The insurance forms indicate the company is an independent company offering optional residential water line insurance for $4.99 per month.

Nelms, who said he wants residents to know the city is not affiliated with this service, suggests those unsure about this type of insurance might want to check their homeowner’s policy or with their insurance agent for coverage questions or advice on this matter, he said.

Anyone with questions for the city can contact the city’s utility department, 273-1960.