McLoud school bond passes, results certified.

A provisional ballot cast in Tuesday’s McLoud School Bond election was opened and counted as election results were certified Friday afternoon, but the single ballot didn’t change the outcome of the election, although it could have.

It takes a 60 percent supermajority for school bonds to pass in Oklahoma, and McLoud’s bond issue passed Tuesday with 60.2 percent of the votes, with 68 voting yes and 45 voting no.

Friday, as the county election board met to certify results, they opened one provisional ballot that was cast Tuesday. That ballot revealed a yes vote, so the certified election results are 69 yes votes and 45 voting no, with the bond passing at 60.5 percent.

Provisional ballots can be cast for a variety of reasons. If someone doesn’t have identification when they vote or there is a question of residence, a provisional ballot is cast for further inquiry.

With the bond passage, the district will be able to use the funds for new school buses.

Lisa Liebl, district spokeswoman, said the district plans to purchase eight new school buses. Of those, six are passenger route buses while two are for general use, she said, but all will be air-conditioned.

Liebl said the district is proud to have the support of the McLoud community.

With passage of the bond, McLoud property owners were expected to see an increase on their annual taxes.

Liebl said the expected annual increase is $4.78 for every $100 in ad valorem taxes.