City, county sales tax receipts increase in October.

For the third consecutive month, Shawnee’s city sales tax receipts are up compared to the same month of a year ago.

Cindy Sementelli, city treasuer and finance director for Shawnee, reported the September sales tax receipts are up $78,406 this month or 6.65 percent compared to last year’s actual figures for the same time frame.

She said “October sales tax amount received plus interest was $1,465,063 which

accumulatively for the fiscal year we are up $231,234 or 4.21 percent.”

Pottawatomie County’s one cent sales tax also is up over a year ago. County Treasurer Wendy Magnus reported the sales tax check for October totaled $669,696.79.

That compares to $661,056.49 from October in 2012, more than an $8,000 increase.

The city’s sales tax collections through the first four months of the current fiscal year total $5,729,075. That is $231,234 above the actual collections for the same time period a year ago, according to the information provided by Sementelli.

The city budgeted flat against last year’s collections.