Consultant to recommend what the future of the Shawnee CVB should be.

A final report and recommendations on Shawnee’s Convention and Visitors’ Bureau will be presented Monday morning.

A special joint meeting of the Shawnee City Commission, the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and the Tourism Advisory Committee will be held at 11 a.m. at the Expo Center.

Nancy Keith, president and CEO of the Greater Shawnee Chamber, said at that time Bill Geist will present his final report and provide recommendations for the future of the CVB.

She said Geist, who is the principal in GeitGeist Consultants, was specifically requested by the city commission to perform an organizational audit.

Keith pointed out Geist will confirm that allegations the CVB spent funds on Chamber projects are completely unfounded and not true.

Cost of the audit requested by the city is $15,000 and is paid by CVB funds.

Keith said during Geist’s presentation Monday he will present a specific recommendation that he believes should be adopted for the future CVB. She explained it will come from one of three models he will discuss during the joint meeting, but she said she was not allowed to reveal which one of the three will be his recommendation.

The three models include:

• The CVB remain under the current leadership of the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce.

• The CVB become a stand-alone 501 C-6 organization.

• The CVB be run and governed by the city of Shawnee.

Keith related Geist began his audit here in early August. She said the consultant reviewed the financials of the CVB and the Chamber. He also reviewed the CVB’s Program of Work.

“He also looked at events we have here. He visited and met with the city commission, the Tourism Advisory Committee, the Chamber executive committee and owners of the different lodging properties.”

She said he also met with Mike Jackson, Operations manager of the Expo Center and the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.

“He performed a comprehensive study of the CVB,” she added.