AARP donates $60,000 to Salvation Army.

AARP Oklahoma made a $60,000 donation to the Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Area Command Tuesday to help Oklahomans recover from the May 19 tornado.

AARP donated a total of $674,000 to several organizations to help with disaster relief after matching contributions dollar-for-dollar up to $300,000.

Organizations receiving grants have signed a letter of agreement and submitted a plan detailing how they will use funding to help the storm victims. AARP Oklahoma State Director Sean Voskuhl said grantees have committed that 100 percent of funds will be used for direct assistance in Oklahoma and no portion will be used for administrative costs.

“We are an organization that will be here through the storm recovery process,” said Salvation Army Lieutenant Philip Canning.

Canning said the Salvation Army is helping with long-term recovery for families and individuals impacted by the May 19 tornado.

He said each case is going to be different when it comes to needs but recovery services will include everything from food and financial assistance to emotional care and rebuilding efforts.

“It means a tremendous amount to the families impacted by the May 19 storms,” he said.

Voskuhl said the Salvation Army is one of 11 organizations the association has made donations to in order to help those impacted by tornadoes. The United Way of Pottawatomie County is also one of the 11 associations.

“We did an assessment of who is putting boots on the ground,” he said.

Voskuhl said AARP wanted to donate to organizations helping with long-term assistance so those affected would not be forgotten as they put their lives back together.

“AARP is committed to long-term recovery efforts and will continue to work with organizations like the Salvation Army to help the victims affected by these disasters,” Voskuhl said. “There are still many unmet needs, particularly among older Oklahomans. We are pleased to make this donation to help continue the recovery process. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the victims as they struggle to rebuild and recover.”

Voskuhl said AARP will continue to participate in long-term recovery committees in Pottawatomie County.

“We thank you for the faith and trust this community has put into the Salvation Army,” Canning said.