UCO professor offers grant to help students present research.

University of Central Oklahoma College of Mathematics and Science students are now eligible to receive travel grants of up to $500 to present their research.

Charlotte Simmons, Ph.D., interim dean of the College, was the primary author of the Mathematical Association of America’s (MAA) grant proposal to the National Science Foundation (NSF) that will assist approximately 1,800 undergraduate students over the next five years.

UCO students are encouraged to apply for the MAA Student Travel Grants, which give undergraduates the opportunity to present their work at the MAA’s MathFest or the Joint Mathematics Meetings. Such transformative learning experiences allow UCO students to become creative, collaborative graduates who are adaptable, engaged critical thinkers.

“Having the opportunity to present their results to the scientific community can help promising young undergraduate researchers further identify with the mathematics profession. They are able to become part of the mathematical community at a national level while interacting with both practicing mathematicians and peers,” Simmons said.

“Learning new mathematics and sharing experiences with others can provide strong motivation for continued study of mathematics. Despite the positive effects of the experience, lack of travel funding remains a significant barrier to participation in national meetings for many students and this grant will provide essential financial assistance for many,” she continued.

In addition to having served as the primary author of the proposal, Simmons will serve as principal investigator of the grant, assuming responsibility for administering the project, including the review of all student applications and reports on the program for the NSF and the MAA oversight committee.

For more information, contact Simmons at 405-974-2722 or cksimmons@uco.edu. Information about the MAA Student Travel Grants is available online at www.maa.org/programs/students/meetings-conferences/student-travel-grants.