City commission to discuss tobacco use on city-owned and operated properties.

 When Shawnee city commissioners gather tonight, they are expected to discuss and consider possible action on two ordinances. One of those deals with tobacco use, both indoors and outdoors, on city-owned and operated properties.

The other deals with Shawnee Municipal Court.

City staff is recommending an ordinance be approved that states all city

owned/operated properties are tobacco free (indoors and outdoors) including chewing tobacco, snuff, and e-cigarettes.

James Bryce, City Operations director, writes in a memo to the mayor and commissioners “This would allow the community to continue the Silver (Basic) designation. In order to be qualified to submit for a grant, the community must be

designated in one of the categories. This, however, does not limit us to the lowest grant offer. The community can still continue to work toward submitting a grant for the $110,000 even though we designated low.”

In the memo Bryce points out “For the past two years the City of Shawnee has been designated as a Basic Healthy Community and on one of those occasions awarded a $10,000grant. As we look forward to applying for the third year the designations have changed and so has the criteria.

“In the past it has been Basic, Merit, or Excellent designations with a $10,000,

$20,000, or $30,000 grant opportunity depending on your designation.

Now the designations are Bronze, Silver, and Gold with a $20,000, $50,000 and $60,000 grant opportunity with the max amount Shawnee could be awarded at $110,000 with the Gold designation,” he advised.

The ordinance dealing with the Shawnee Municipal Court is being requested by City Attorney Mary Ann Karns. According to a memo by Karns to the mayor and commissioners, policies and changes she presented a few months ago are included in the new ordinance.

One substantial change, she points out to commissioners, is the allowance for a senior or presiding judge and for other associate judges as the Commission may determine necessary. At the present time, the only alternate judge is one appointed when Judge Jones is either absent or has to recuse himself for a conflict. This requires an appointment approved by the Mayor each time.

The change would allow for a “standing” associate judge to be appointed by the Mayor (with approval of commission) who would fill in as necessary. It would also allow for the appointment of an associate judge with a regular docket should the presiding judge wish to reduce his workload.

Commissioners are also expected to hold an executive session to discuss the performance evaluation and employment contract for City Manager Brian McDougal.

The commission meeting, open to the public, is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. in the council chambers of city hall.