Kickapoo project progressing, water line relocation about 90 percent finished.

The Details:

• City Engineer John Krywicki says waterline line relocation is about 90 percent complete on the Kickapoo reconstruction.

• He says the water line relocation will continue across MacArthur terminating just immediately before it gets to 32nd Street.

• That is one block north of MacArthur.

• Work continues on the paving construction from the Spur to Independence on the southbound lanes.

• When those two lanes are completed in approximately 3 or so weeks, then traffic will be moved onto them.

• Construction on the two northbound lanes will begin from the Spur to Independence.

• He estimates overall over all, the contractor is probably 7-8 percnt complete with paving construction.

• He said tentative completion timeframe probably not until early Fall 2014.

• Total construction bid price was $11,274,639 by Haskel Lemon Construction.

• That includes all the water line relocation costs of $1,765,813.

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