Dorman collecting Christmas cards for troops.

State Rep. Joe Dorman said he is once again collecting Christmas cards for recovering troops to help ensure they are properly delivered.

Dorman, D-Rush Springs, said he began collecting cards after hearing from a teacher whose class had cards returned after their students sent well-wishes addressed to a recovering American soldier at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

The hospital would not deliver cards anonymously to patients recovering at the facility. The commanding general at Fort Sill agreed to let the cards from the students be delivered to patients at Reynolds Army Hospital that year.

“Please do not believe the e-mail that is circulating that encourages people to send a card directly to an anonymous soldier. Sending cards in that manner will not be delivered. The e-mail is either a hoax or the good intentions of someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about,” said Dorman, D-Rush Springs.

Dorman has continued to collect and distribute cards in order to ensure Oklahomans who want to anonymously wish recovering soldiers a Merry Christmas are able to do so.

“I wanted to ensure those Oklahomans who were making an effort to show their support for troops actually had their cards received by a recovering soldier, so I started this program and every year I ensure a large bundle of cards gets to recovering troops. It is wonderful to see such support for these brave men and women,” said Dorman.

Dorman said cards can be sent to:

Holiday for Heroes, c/o Rep Joe Dorman

507 State Capitol Bldg.

2300 N. Lincoln Blvd.

Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Cards received by Friday, Dec. 21, 2012, will be delivered this Christmas. Cards received after that date will be delivered along with next year’s cards.

Cards can be addressed to either a specific recovering individual at Fort Sill or to Dear Service Member.