Chad Cundiff named District Executive for local Boy Scouts of America.

Chad Cundiff, originally from Jenks, is the new District Executive of Canadian Valley Boy Scouts of America.

“I grew up in scouting,” Cundiff said. “I knew I wanted to work with them after college.”

Cundiff graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Leisure Service Management. Upon graduation, Cundiff worked in sporting goods and then insurance. He said he began looking for a job with Boy Scouts because he felt it was time to get back into what he was passionate about.

His wife is from the Oklahoma City area so when the opportunity came up for a job in the Shawnee area, he said it was the perfect fit. Cundiff said the process took about six months to begin working with Boy Scouts but he has been working for about two months and has already increased numbers in membership.

He plans to keep increasing that number by holding several “Nights for Scouting,” which is when he and Boy Scout volunteers visit the local schools to talk to the students about what Boy Scouts does and hands out fliers for their parents.

Cundiff said by doing this, it brings awareness to the parents of upcoming events and meets they can attend to sign their children up for Boy Scouts. He said he also plans on increasing advertisement efforts soon.

Cundiff said city manager Brian McDougal is a district chairman for the Canadian Valley Boy Scouts and helps to oversee fundraising and volunteer recruitment efforts.

Cundiff has several activities planned including Pinewood Derby on Feb. 22.

Recently Cundiff said the Cub Scouts participated in a Cuboree, which is an overnight event where scouts could participate in archery, hiking, wildlife and other activities. The Boy Scouts recently had a Camporee, where scouts competed in a variety of events and learned about camping techniques.

“It’s a lot of fun and it’s a great character developing tool for kids,” Cundiff said.

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