Sometimes the chaotic schedules of fall and winter attempt to detour us from treating our health and fitness programs like the priority they truly are.

Sometimes the chaotic schedules of fall and winter attempt to detour us from treating our health and fitness programs like the priority they truly are. Please remember that no matter how much your schedule changes, or how busy you get, removing exercise, proper supplementation, and good nutrition from the routine, should never be an option. I challenge you to plan ahead, and be prepared to make adjustments along the way, so that your schedule continues to be one that always includes weekly requirements of exercise and proper nutrition that keep you healthy, trim, and perfoming well forever! Please remember that taking care of yourself is a marathon that you must proactively participate in every single day!

It has been my experience that “Fall” can be a great time for many mature adults to focus on themselves and improve their health, nutrition, and fitness programs. With a large portion of the American adult population approaching their 40’s & 50’s, and 15% over the age of 65, there is no better time than the present, for mature adults to seize every benefit possible that comes with living an active and healthy lifestyle!

Why should mature adults be concerned with the effects of aging, you ask? Here are just a few things to be aware of.

• Body weight stays the same or decreases slightly, but the percent of body fat weight increases.

• Muscle mass decreases because your muscle fibers, size, and numbers decline.

• Bone mass decrease occurs which is closely linked to a rising incidence of Osteoporosis.

• Respiration and circulation are affected because lung capacity and maximal respiratory are decreased. And alternately the need for increased respiratory frequency is greater, which makes it more difficult to breathe normally.

• Psychomotor control tends to decrease, which means you have a decline of balance and slower reaction and movement time. Falling is definitely one of my main concerns here!

As you know we cannot control our chronological age, so our best choice is to focus more on how we feel, what we consume, how we perform, our current fitness status, and our physiological age! Age is only a number! This is good news because it is fact that with regular activity the rate of these changes can be slowed down significantly. I have faith that you are a good candidate who will reap this benefit, because it first starts with your choice to stay knowledgeable in areas related to your better health. You are taking a positive step right now by reading this article, so keep up the good work; you are absolutely on the right track! You can not do fitness long enough, wrong enough to fail. Just stay in the game, knowledgeable, and apply with action and consistency the things you learn, and you will continue to excel in the game of health, proper supplementation, nutrition, and fitness for life!

Mature adults may benefit from regular activity regardless of their past physical activity history. Even previously sedentary people can increase their functional capacity with exercise training, and proper fuel for the body. An active 70 year old who follows a good health, nutrition, and performance program may tolerate more vigorous activity than a sedentary 30 year old. So the challenge for good health includes everyone! Everyone can, and should do this! Adopting a solid health and wellness program can increase cardiovascular health, muscular strength, fat loss, lean muscle, improve joint mobility, flexibility, balance, daily energy, and coordination. Of course, these are all characteristics that are so important for each of us, as we age!

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