Workshop scheduled for Nov. 16.

The Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art hosts a free teachers’ workshop featuring Dr. Madeline Rugh, The Talking Stick: Reclaiming our Creative Voice through Nature and Art, on Saturday, Nov. 16, 1-4 p.m.

According to Dr. Rugh, “the ancient practice of art-as-medicine utilizes natural forms as sources of guidance and healing. The talking stick has its origins and current ritual use with Native Americans.” According to tradition, the stick was “decorated” with symbols meaningful to the community and was used to control conversation during meetings; whoever held the stick had everyone’s full attention.

“In this workshop participants will respectfully carry forward the understanding that the talking stick is a tool for listening. In this case participants will be listening to their inner wisdom and the inner quality of their experiences as reflected in multisensory observations of the stick,” said Dr. Rugh.

In addition to creating their own “talking stick,” participants will also learn simple heart-based perception exercises, discover the role of walking in awareness, become aware of their 53 senses, practice synaesthesia (cross over of the senses), and learn the 4 ways of engaging the arts that are simultaneously ancestral and modern.

“This workshop is a unique learning opportunity for educators,” said MGMoA Curator of Education Donna Merkt. “Much of the new Common Core Curriculum requires students to speak publicly and listen to their peers. This workshop will provide teachers a creative means in which to help students achieve these learning goals.”

Dr. Madeline Rugh is a visiting professor in Art and Psychology at St. Gregory’s University. She holds a masters degree in Art Education and a Ph.D. in Adult Education and Art. She specializes in developing arts-based programs for place-based learning and eco-literacy.

This workshop is free and open to all educators: teachers, professors, university education students, home school parents, museum educators, etc. Materials are provided for the workshop and interested participants must register. Registration and more information is available online at The Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art is located at 1900 W. MacArthur in Shawnee on the campus of St. Gregory’s University. For more information please call 405-878-5605.