City sales tax up nearly a quarter of a million dollars in November.

 For the fourth consecutive month, Shawnee’s city sales tax receipts are up compared to the same month of a year ago. November’s figures show nearly a $250,000 jump over November of 2012.

Cindy Sementelli, city treasuer and finance director for Shawnee, reported the November sales tax receipts are up $246,043 this month or 19.63 percent compared to last year’s actuals.

She said “November sales tax receipts were up $246,043 this month or 19.63 percent compared to last year actual for the same time frame. November sales tax amount received plus interest was $1,499,183 which accumulatively for the fiscal year we are up $477,277 or 7.07 percent.”

Pottawatomie County’s one cent sales tax also is up over a year ago. County Treasurer Wendy Magnus reported the sales tax check for November totaled $673,216,81.

That compares to $586,250.56 for November in 2012, a $86,966.25 increase over the same month a year ago.

Sementelli, commenting on the huge increase, said “it was a nice surprise.” It’s the largest single month increase this fiscal year and the highest since February of this calendar year (the prior fiscal year) when the amount was more than $620,000 up over February of 2012 due to the sale of the hospital.

Sementelli added “we aren’t sure what is contributing to it. We haven’t been able to look at the report and dig down to take a look. But everybody seems to be up,” she said, adding that she had made calls Friday to other cities.

City Manager Brian McDougal weighing in said “it’s a good problem to have. All the other cities seem to be up.”

He said “while we’re glad people are shopping our city, we are going to look at it further to make sure the figures are correct. We’re checking to make sure we don’t have to give any money back.

“It’s a great thing. We hope it continues,” he said.

Sementelli said “we are pleasantly pleased. Maybe people are just shopping locally,” she continued.

The city’s sales tax collections through the first five months of the current fiscal year now total $7,228,258, according to the information provided by Semenelli. That compares with the prior fiscal year’s total at this time a year ago of $6,750,981, the figure the city has budgeted for this year.

The city budgeted flat against last year’s collections.