Nursing students create website for city of Shawnee.

Oklahoma Baptist University College of Nursing has teamed up with the city of Shawnee to create a website that helps Shawnee citizens to increase their physical activity, particularly by utilizing free recreational facilities like parks.

The website serves as a reference guide to locate parks in the community, provides reviews about parks, and information on how to reserve. Inforrmation shows 31.1 percent of students play video/computer games or use a computer for something other than school work three or more hours per day on an average school day

and 31.1 percent of residents in Pottawatomie County participated in no physical activity for the month of the study(State of the State Address 2010).

Statewide, 55 percent of high school students did not participate in physical activity for at least 60 minutes a day on five or more days in a week (State of the State Address 2010). The goal is to decrease that number by five percent by the 2020 CDC report.

By creating the website, the class hopes to decrease the obesity rate and the inactivity rate of residents in Shawnee in order to promote a healthier, active lifestyle which will improve the quality of life for residents in Shawnee.

The website is made possible by OBU College of Nursing and the City of Shawnee.

Please visit the website at, and also enjoy the parks of Shawnee, Ok!!