Meth raid defendant scheduled for trial.

A jury trial for a Tecumseh man arrested during a massive methamphetamine raid in 2012 is scheduled to begin today, while four civil cases and five juvenile cases also are on the tentative jury docket for this week.

Steven Dale Faulkner, 54, Tecumseh, is set for trial in Pottawatomie County District Court on charges of trafficking in illegal drugs and acquiring proceeds from drug activity.

More than 125 law enforcement officers from numerous agencies participated in the daylong meth raid June 27, 2012, where simultaneous warrants were served around Shawnee and arrests were made in the months-long undercover drug case. More than $112,000 in cash, along with methamphetamine, was seized during those raids.

The undercover drug investigation involved at least six pounds of methamphetamine that was being brought to the Shawnee and Tecumseh areas, according to police.

Faulkner was among two high-profile targets arrested from this area as prosecutors alleged they were taking $30,000 every other day to Oklahoma City to buy methamphetamine coming in from Mexico.

Drug agents, who said the drugs were uncut and could be cut several more times, estimated each pound would have produced 2,700 doses of the drug.

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