Deer season provides major opportunities for hunting.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation invests each year nearly half a million dollars in deer and other game hunting seasons with the rental of 300,000 acres of beautiful land in Southeastern Oklahoma.

State Rep. James Lockhart, D-Heavener, is calling on his fellow Oklahomans to help the state make a return on its investment by participating in the upcoming deer gun season, which lasts from November 23 to December 8 this year.

“Southeastern Oklahoma in the fall is some of the most beautiful land you’ll ever see,” said Lockhart. “The ODWC has rented out hundreds of thousands of acres in the Three Rivers and Honobia Creek Wildlife Management Areas for my fellow outdoorsmen and women to hunt, fish, or just enjoy the scenery. They rarely see a return on their investment, however, and with current usage, the cost of the $40 access fee to hunt and use these lands does not cover the money the state puts into making this land available to the public.”

Recently, a buck's skull was found on Three Rivers WMA during the statewide youth hunt. It officially scored 184 1/2" gross and netted 176 3/8". It was a main frame 6x6 with 15 inch G2 times.

“I’m calling on my fellow Oklahomans to get out and enjoy this land in Southeastern Oklahoma,” said Lockhart. “Hunting is a family past time in our state and there’s no land more beautiful to pass down this family activity. Our state invests in our outdoorsmen and women. Let’s return the favor by taking advantage of the deer hunting season. Who knows, maybe some lucky hunter may run into a buck like the one found earlier this year.”

Hunters interested in learning more about these areas can contact Dakota Christian, biologist at Three Rivers and Honobia Wildlife Management Areas at (918) 527-5308. Licenses can be purchased at