Local recycling event diverts two truckloads from landfill.

Sustainable Shawnee, the Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma, Natural Evolution of Tulsa and Direct Colors Inc. held a free electronic waste recycling event recently for Shawnee and surrounding communities.

“We diverted two truckloads or approximately 25 tons of electronics from the landfill at this event.” said Shawna Turner, President of Sustainable Shawnee and general manager for Direct Colors. “All the material collected will be shredded and responsibly recycled in the United States.”

Traci Phillips with Natural Evolution, an electronics recycler from Tulsa, told Sustainable Shawnee members that “over 2.5 billion tons of electronic waste is created worldwide each year.

Electronics contain everything from the benign to the extremely hazardous and virtually everything can be recycled in some way. Toxic materials like lead and heavy metals can easily leach out of irresponsibly disposed of electronic waste into surrounding soils and water. Recycling saves landfill space, allows for reuse and prevents unnecessary pollution.”

Natural Evolution is one of 48 companies nationwide awarded the E-Steward designation that certifies their recycling process to the highest possible environmental and business standards.

“We guarantee electronics recycled with us, including items gathered in Shawnee, will not be landfilled or exported to third world countries for children to process.”

Phillips encourages consumers to choose wisely and take responsibility for their electronics to the end. “By using a certified recycler, consumers can rest assured the material isn’t falling into the wrong hands, sent to the landfill or worse dumped somewhere along a roadside.”

Shawnee is one of several communities statewide to hold regular electronics recycling events. Sustainable Shawnee hopes to hold bi-annual collections in the future. For more information about recycling events in this area, visit www.sustainableshawnee.org.