Horace Mann Elementary was one of seven schools chosen to participate in Colonial Day at the Capitol.

Horace Mann Elementary was one of seven schools chosen to participate in Colonial Day at the Capitol. Fifth grade students will get the opportunity to tour the State Capitol, while dressed in costume, and partake in colonial events on Jan. 31.

According to the Oklahoma Foundation of Excellence website, this event has taken place for the last ten years. Within that time frame, this foundation has established scholarships for Oklahoma teachers to attend the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute in Early American History in Virginia.

Krista Farris, fifth grade teacher at Horace Mann, was one of the lucky applicants chosen to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. During her trip, Farris received 300 dollars for classroom materials, electronic field trip programs and toll-free access to Williamsburg historians.

To be chosen to attend Colonial Day at the Capitol, the teacher must have been selected to attend the institute in Virginia. Teachers applicable to attend this program could have traveled to Williamsburg or Mount Vernon. In addition, the teacher cannot apply again for this program and the children must show up in costume to engage in this one day event.

Farris said standing at Surrender Field was the most memorable moment of the trip.

“We could hear the audio playing and you can almost visualize the British soldiers,” she said.

Farris elaborated on the importance of history she learned from this trip.

“You don’t usually think how we got here, in this trip history was able to come alive,” she said.

Additionally, Ferris outlined an event she enjoyed during her trip.

“We took place in a debate. Here, we witnessed the patriots who wanted their freedom and the loyalists who didn’t have an issue with England,” she said.

Susan Field, Principal of Horace Mann, said she wants her school to shine and not only represent the school district but our city as well.

Field also commented how this program will benefit her school.

“This program will bring history to life, it will help with test scores and it will allow the students to experience something first hand; so it will mean something to them,” she said.

Farris emphasized her hope for the impact this program will have on her students.

“There is so much more out there for them, we are a part of this great nation and have an impact on it,” she said.

Horace Mann is also looking for volunteers and donations for costumes needed by the fifth grade class. Specifically, material for costumes, ribbon, elastic and embellishments for hats are just a few donations needed. If interested in helping, please contact Horace Mann Elementary.