Keep cyber safety in mind this holiday season.

The holiday season has arrived. Plenty of people will purchase gifts online and send electronic greeting cards to their loves ones over the next month.

Cleveland County Sheriff Joe Lester wants everyone to be aware of potential scams and remain cautious as they use the Internet. Here are several tips to remember:

• Be careful when opening e-mail attachments

• Stay cautious using mobile applications

• Shop online merchants you know and trust

• Secure the Wi-Fi connection in your home

• Don’t use a public computer or public wireless access to make online purchases

• Stay alert for potential charity donation scams

• Don’t respond to any pop-ups on computers

Lester said people need to remember these tips before they access any computer devices this season.

“Scam artists are constantly trying to find new ways to access personal information over the Internet,” Lester said. “Don’t be afraid to buy gifts online or send holiday cards to family and friends but please keep these cyber safety tips in mind when you visit any web site or open an e-mail.”

Any questions regarding this press release and/or information can be addressed to Meghan McCormick, Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office, community liaison/public information officer. McCormick can be reached at (405) 701-8847.