Lankford praises court's decision to hear appeal.

Congressman James Lankford released the following statement after the Supreme Court announced that it would hear Hobby Lobby's appeal of the Affordable Care Act's mandate. Hobby Lobby is a family-owned, Oklahoma-based craft company whose family owners oppose portions of the mandate on religious grounds.

"Today's Supreme Court announcement is another positive step for Hobby Lobby in their legal battle against this Administration's infringement of religious beliefs," said Lankford. "No federal administration has the right to supersede the faith and beliefs of other Americans, based on the preferences and opinions of government leaders. Hobby Lobby currently faces more than $1 million per day in fines, if they do not submit to all of the Administration's preferences.

"Every day this Administration finds a new way to tell private business owners what they can sell, how they can sell it, to whom they can sell and now every health insurance option they are required to provide every employee," concluded Lankford.