SGU, SSC sign Program Articulation Agreement.

St. Gregory’s University and Seminole State College have signed a Program Articulation Agreement that makes it easier for Seminole State students to turn their associate’s degrees into bachelor’s degrees.

Under the agreement, any Seminole State student who graduates with an associate’s degree will receive approximately 60 hours of credit toward the bachelor’s degree of their choice from St. Gregory’s. Any student who has graduated from Seminole State College since December 2008 will be eligible to enroll in St. Gregory’s program without having to retake classes, pay a transfer fee or penalty. Those who are about to graduate from Seminole State can enroll early while finishing their degree, so they won’t miss a beat during the transition to St. Gregory’s.

“I think it’s important in higher education that we provide a smooth pathway,” said St. Gregory’s President Greg Main, “so students can start wherever they start, and then move on and not get caught up in a lot of falderal about how many credits transfer, and so on. You’ve got to make it easy, and think that’s what this agreement does in terms of our relationship with Seminole State.

“We’ve had over 200 students from Seminole State graduate from St. Gregory’s in the last few years, and we think that’s a harbinger of what can be a much larger number in the future.”

As part of SGU’s Adult Degree Program, students will take just one class at a time, one night per week, allowing them to use their Associate’s degree in their current job while continuing to

According to Seminole State College President Dr. James Utterback, St. Gregory’s rich history as an institution devoted to academic excellence made the decision to partner with the university an easy one.

“I’ve always felt that students coming here for a couple of years and then having the opportunity to go to St. Gregory’s, to such an outstanding institution, and stay close to home, would be a wonderful opportunity,” Utterback said. “We think this partnership will pay great benefits to our students, and that’s why we’re all here.”

Dr. William Mayfield, St. Gregory’s Vice President of Graduate and Continuing Studies, said SGU developed these agreements to accommodate the academic needs of students like those who graduate from Seminole State who want to continue their educations without losing credit for the knowledge they have already earned.

“It is truly a great pleasure to be working with President Utterback, Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Melanie Croy and the entire Seminole State team in serving the students of our communities,” Mayfield said. “This agreement opens the door for our students to fulfill their destinies and build new futures for themselves and their families.

“It is truly a great day when two educational institutions can come together and combine the power of a private university and the power of a public community college for the benefit of our communities, our students and all Oklahomans.”

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