Jury returns record award in civil suit.

A jury of nine women and three men awarded Robert Hale of Shawnee in excess of $1.4 million during a jury trial Nov. 20.

After deliberating over an hour, the jury returned the verdict against Don and Judy Wills in what is believed to be the largest verdict in Pottawatomie County history.

Hale, who was represented by local counsel Randy C. Parsons and Cregg Webb, was injured when Don and Judy Wills brought two Bandito motorcycle gang members to Hale’s home in April 2008.

An altercation brought out that resulted in Hale receiving a severe injury to his right knee.

According to a release from Parson’s office, all parties testified that the injury was an accident. The altercation took place in the front yard.

Parsons said a doctor testified Hale was in a cast for six months and would need to wear a brace for the rest of his life or on an as-needed basis.

Hale is a longtime Shawnee resident and owner of Robert Hale Concrete, Inc.

Parsons said Hale’s medical bills were in excess of $40,000, with a economic professor testifying at the trial Hale had lost an earnings capacity of over $526,000, with the remaining amount awarded around $900,000 for conscious pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

The jury found Hale at 20 percent fault, Judy Wills at 20 percent fault and Don Wills at 60 percent fault.