It was April 1963, New Lima senior prom. Two best friends had double dates, but one was a no-show.

It was April 1963, New Lima senior prom. Two best friends had double dates, but one was a no-show. My best friend was the other girl, who knew her mother would not approve unless there was another girl. She called to see if I could go, and, surprise, my parents said OK! I knew the boy, who had been in some of my grade school classes before. We all had a good time, and my blind date asked me out again the next week. We went to the drive-in movies, where his best friend worked as a bouncer. We arrived early to visit with his friend before the movie-goers arrived. I liked the friend and flirted with him a little so as not to be obvious. He asked me out the next week. I got ready, but he never showed. So when his friend called for a date, I once again went to the drive-in to a movie on Friday. Jokingly, I accused him of standing me up! He explained that he thought the date was a joke! When I explained I was serious, he quickly made another date, which he kept. He proposed a week before my high school graduation, May 30, and I said yes! We were to be married Dec. 27. However, he was called up for the military draft on Nov. 27. He reported to the army, where a bus leaving Seminole had two more people that was needed for their quota. The lady in charge of the draft made a statement if anyone was changing their draft status in the next 30 days, they could get off the bus. He got off and came home to tell me we had to get married before Dec. 27. We had to change our date to Dec. 11, 1963, at the First Baptist Church located on Second St. in Seminole. It began snowing at noon that day. I was already at the church in order to coordinate the setup for the flowers and reception. The ceremony was to begin at 2 p.m., but had to be postponed about 45 minutes. The weather was getting bad, and the snow was by that time about three-feet deep. The preacher came from Holdenville. Some guests came from Shawnee. All others attending were from Seminole. It was hazardous travel to say the least.

We dragged Main Street and headed north on Highway 99 and the Turner Turnpike toward Tulsa for our honeymoon. The highway was so treacherous we could only make Stroud that first night.

We had a 25th anniversary reception at the community center in the park and invited friends and family. We had snow again.

Plans for our 50th were to take a trip back over the same route, covering three states on our honeymoon. The weather was bad with ice and snow, making travel dangerous. That, along with some health issues, canceled those plans. We opted to have a celebration dinner at the local Cracker Barrel Restaurant, where we exchanged greeting cards. After dinner, the waitress told us a man had paid for our meal. We have passed our thanks on through the Shawnee News-Star and plan to do the same through the Seminole Producer.

Our family includes Garry Don Houck, Seminole Councilman, Jerry Houck, Michael Ikonen, Sidney and Sebrina Richard, Mikay Elliott-Houck, all of Owasso, and Teresa S. Houck-Sloan, Alon C. Sloan, Seminole.