Shawnee city sales and Pottawatomie County sales tax up this month.

Shawnee city sales tax and Pottawatomie County’s one-cent sales tax are both up in January compared to a year ago.

Shawnee city sales tax is up $86,051 from January 2013, which totaled at $1,470,565.

Cindy Sementelli, city treasurer and finance director for Shawnee, reported the total collected for the month of January was $1,556,616. She also reported sales tax has been strong the last few months and said she hopes the trend will continue upward.

Sementelli also reported since the beginning of the fiscal year, Shawnee sales tax is up a total of $528,895 or 5.53 percent over what was budgeted.

“This is the kind of news that is really nice to swallow,” said Shawnee Mayor Wes Mainord. “A big thanks to all our visitors and citizens who continue to support our city.”

Pottawatomie County’s one-cent sales tax receipts were up from January of a year ago. County Treasurer Wendy Magnus reported the sales tax check for January totaled $655,272.61. That compares to $659,523.99 for January 2013, making it a $5,748.62 increase from the same month a year ago.