ODOT asks motorists to report suspicious activity.

Motorists are being asked to partner with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation in reporting suspicious activity along the state's highways and interstates including tampering with road signs and other state property. In an effort to deter theft or damage to highway signs and other state property, ODOT is asking motorists to report the location and description of anyone seen tapering with highway signs to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol at *55 or to other local authorities.

Drivers can also alert ODOT to missing or damaged signs in the Oklahoma City Metro area by calling (405)231-4368. The theft of highway and interstate signs not only costs taxpayer money, it also creates a safety hazard as the signs are designed to inform and direct motorists with vital information.

The theft of signs can result in drivers missing their exit at the very least or severe injuries or even death if signs such as yield, stop or other important warning signs are missing.

The cost of replacing highway signs can range from $1,000 to $10,000 each sign depending on size and location.

ODOT is asking motorists to alert local law enforcement of the location and any description of both the individuals and/or vehicles involved if they see anyone tampering with signs or state property.