A trained resource for agriculture development and student education has landed in Pottawatomie County.

A trained resource for agriculture development and student education has landed in Pottawatomie County.

Oklahoma State University alumnus Kyle Robinson is the area’s new OSU Extension Agent. Robinson said 75 percent of his job is agricultural focus, which largely targets adults, and 25 percent is 4-H education, which guides students.

“We work with anybody,” Robinson said. “A lot of what I do is work with farmers, ranchers, any land owners. I help them with weed control, growing different forages, anything that has to do with agricultures, plants, animals, water, all of it.”

Robinson said his role acts as an arm of applicable research.

“OSU does research and I try to get in touch with farmers so they can have facts and data to back up what they do,” Robinson said. “They already know what works, we just show them how it works.”

Like farmers, educators often know what works, but lack tools and resources. Robinson said he expects to work behind the scenes with teachers.

“Sometimes schools will have a particular need. A lot of times they’re so busy,” Robinson said. “What we try to do is have different programs. We know what teachers are required to present, so we have ready-made programs that fit into those needs.”

Robinson also plans to help students directly by providing livestock, showing and judging support, and by teaching the importance of farm and recreational safety.

“We’re not just targeting farm kids,” Robinson said. “My goal is to impact anybody, whether they live in an apartment or on a farm.”

Robinson, enthusiastic to impact the entire county, encourages the community to reach out for assistance.

“People are always going to be contacting us, which is what we want,” Robinson said. “If someone has particular questions, I can go out and look at their farm. We do on-site visits.”

A wearer of many hats, Robinson endlessly prepares for ways in which he can aid the community.

“Everyday is different,” Robinson said. “I do a lot of reading. I’m always reading and studying up on research that’s relevant.”

The Pottawatomie County OSU Extension Center is located at 14001 Acme Road in Shawnee. Robinson can be reached at 405-273-7683.