Just think...In a matter of weeks, our summer schedules will really begin to move into high gear!

Just think...In a matter of weeks, our summer schedules will really begin to move into high gear! Vacations, camps for the kids, tournaments, retreats, and family reunions are all very special, fun, and worthwhile activities we like to enjoy. We will find ourselves in a hurry once again, making plans, getting ready to go, and wake up one morning in new surroundings on our family trip, on a cruise, or maybe in a different state camping for ten days! Depending on our destination, we are typically excited to see the sights, enjoy the foods, participate in the activities, and experience new cultures with our family and friends. If we allow it, our new leisure priorities can have a major impact on our normally good choices for proper exercise, health, and nutrition. But of course, we are not going to let it!

My first tip is to say go enjoy your summer leisure, family, and vacation time! These are very important quality minutes that can not be replaced and must be enjoyed and cherished with every waking moment. I believe that participating in positive activities like those mentioned above, relieve stress, relax your mind, and are good for your overall health and quality of life!

You know… one of the major characteristics of someone having great success with maintaining their optimal health and nutrition programs is realizing that they are human, and do not have to be perfect to be successful. It’s ok to make minor adjustments to your current fitness programs! You can do yourself some good by taking a few extra days off to promote rest and recovery for your body! You can incorporate periods of decreased fitness sessions and intensity levels and be satisfied that you are still doing a great job taking care of yourself! You can have a nibble of your favorite foods in moderation, and still be proud of your efforts to improve nutritional intake! Like I always say, don’t be too hard on yourself, because you are just adding stress, and doing so unnecessarily.

Wouldn’t you agree, we already have enough stress in our lives?

Please enjoy your family during the summer, show them the world, and make the most of your wonderful time of leisure! Remember you are not making a choice between enjoying vacations vs. staying on your fitness and nutritional program! You are instead making a knowledgeable choice seeing both as valuable parts of your wonderful world that work in harmony together, creating balance, and adding value to your life! The choice is not choosing one over the other. I challenge you to simply make minor adjustments to include them both, because it can be done. There is absolutely nothing more important than your health, so the effort is well worth it! A little planning here will take you a very long way when it comes to staying on track towards your nutrition and fitness goals this summer!

While on vacation your schedule may only allow you to walk, jog, or ride a stationery bike two to four times that week for twenty minutes per day. Some may say that is not very much, but I think you should declare victory, because you have stayed on your program by successfully incorporating fitness into your leisure time!

So never quit, keep up the good work, and let the vacations begin!

Until next week, please make it a healthy and nutritious day! To get started on healthy weight loss, wellness, and sports performance nutrition products call Reggies Personal Training, 104 E. Main, Shawnee, (405) 613-0237, or email reggiesnutrition@hotmail.com, or check out products at www.yourhealthmatters.truewealthathome.com.