Exhibit on display through May 23.

If you have a large photograph or recording collection and want advice on how to preserve it, the new display at the Santa Fe Depot Museum could provide the answers. Through 12 large display panels, recommendations for preservation of many of your treasures are offered.


An informative exhibit prepared by The Oklahoma Cultural Heritage Trust is on display at the Santa Fe Depot Museum now until May 23 during regular museum hours: 10–4 on Tuesday through Friday and 2 to 4 on Saturday and Sunday. The museum will be closed on Mother’s Day, May 11.


Also the Jones Theatre centennial exhibit can be seen while you are in the museum.


The Family Treasure display will:

1. Provide a better understanding of the common threats that harm personal items.

2. Offer a better understanding that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

3. Show how to properly display and store personal items.

4. Provide information on how to properly clean and handle personal items.

5. Give tips on what to avoid regarding caring for items.

6. Provide information on resources that can be used at home.