Let’s face it. Adults rule the world we live in. I’m right. Right?

Let’s face it. Adults rule the world we live in. I’m right. Right?


We say go to school, children go to school, for the most part. We say eat your vegetables, they say blah, but then they eat at least two bites. Two bites is the going rate the last I checked. Although, these days that may be a little extreme especially if the reward for two bites isn’t well worth it.


We as adults rule the world of children using tactics like bribery and manipulation. We do this so well.


I’ll give you an example.


You’ve either used or heard these wildly popular words in the world of parenting:


If you don’t cry I’ll get you some ice cream. You want ice cream right? Then stop crying and we’ll go by and get you some.


The child “miraculously” becomes cooperative and quiet as if nothing was bothering them to begin with. Those little puppy eyes pop out and you are now able to enjoy your dinner in peace. Your child has become the little angel you always wanted. All brought to you by the mention of some frozen flavored sugar and the possibility of adding it to his or her daily diet.


Do what I want and you get a treat.


Is it possible that fountain of disturbance could easily have been turned off without the treat? The use of ice cream as a bribe is but a wrench to that leaky faucet called whining. It’s usually the first wrench we pick out of the tool box, but it works right?


The number one product from Hollywood is movies for children. One of the best-selling food items of all time is the happy meal. There are more bumper stickers on the market geared toward having a baby on board or how well your student is doing than politics. That’s a lot of bumper stickers people!


So tell me again. Who is ruling the world we live in?


James Bridges is the advertising director for the Shawnee News-Star.