Cleveland County sheriff says impersonator is a scam.

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office has received reports Tuesday evening of someone impersonating Sheriff Joe Lester, making phone calls to the public and asking for money.


Sheriff Lester wants the public to know that this is a scam. The sheriff and his department do not conduct business in this manner.


According to reports, the caller has “spoofed” CCSO’s main line 701-8888. The number may show up on a caller ID system, however, the person is not calling from the sheriff’s office.


Reports indicate the caller is a man with a Middle Eastern accent. The caller has requested people send him money through a wire account.


This is the second report in less than a week that CCSO has received of someone trying to impersonate a sheriff official. The sheriff’s office was notified last week that a man was impersonating a sheriff’s deputy and requesting money from individuals.


Lester urged the public not to send either of these individuals money who are impersonating either him or his deputies. Also, do not agree to meet these people for any reason.


“If anybody out there has fallen victim to this scheme, please report it to your law enforcement agency immediately,” Lester said. “The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this scam.”


Anyone who may have information about this scam or has received one of these phone calls, may report it by calling CCSO at 701-8888.


Any questions regarding this press release and/or information can be addressed to Meghan McCormick, Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office, community liaison/public information officer. McCormick can be reached at (405) 701-8847.