It's been an agonizing two years for the family of Samantha Weaver, a Shawnee mother of two who went missing in June 2012.

It’s been an agonizing two years for the family of Samantha Weaver, a Shawnee mother of two who went missing in June 2012.

“She didn’t disappear into thin air — someone in the Shawnee area knows where she is or what happened to her,” said Weaver’s sister, Cristy Busch of Harrah. “The whole family begs anyone that knows something to come forward — it could be the missing piece to find her.”

With the family fearing the absolute worst and knowing they could likely be searching for Weaver’s body, Busch said they still have hope, no matter how illogical that seems.

“None of us can ever completely get on with our lives,” she said. “Every time the phone rings, I pray it’s her. Until we know for sure, how can we get past that,” Busch asked, knowing her sister would never intentionally abandon her family, including her two children.

Back in the summer of 2012, Weaver went with friends to a casino in Norman, and then returned to Shawnee. She reportedly sent a text message to her children’s father to say she was going to stop by to see the children, but she never showed up.

Weaver was last seen on June 15, 2012, and her friend, Troy Don Loveland, was the last known person she was with, Busch said.

Earlier this year, Loveland, 41, began serving a 23-year prison term for crimes that reportedly occurred in 2013 involving another woman, Busch said. Pottawatomie County Court records show that case involved charges that included kidnapping, assault and battery and domestic assault by strangulation, for which Loveland pleaded guilty and received consecutive sentences with the Department of Corrections.

Investigators have been probing Weaver’s disappearance and have pursued many leads in this missing persons case. Authorities have even searched homes and property with cadaver dogs in search of Weaver’s body, but nothing has ever been found.

Busch hopes anyone with information or knowledge about Weaver, no matter how small, will share it with authorities.

“We just want justice for Sam — we just want to know happened and where she is,” Busch said, adding that Weaver’s two daughters, ages 3 and 8, need to know why their mom hasn’t come home.

“The family needs closure. Her children deserve to know where their mom is,” she said. “It breaks my heart I don’t have my sister and those kids don’t have their mama.”

Investigators from the district attorney's office and Shawnee police detectives are still probing this case, which remains an active, ongoing investigation.

Anyone with information is asked to call the district attorney’s office at 275-6878.